New Horizons (Hill-Morgan Hill Devco, LLC)

Project No. GPA2019-0003/ZA2021-0001/SD2021-0003 

The project site is a 69.43-acre undeveloped site currently utilized for agriculture.  The property is zoned for residential minimum 7,000 square foot lots.  The project proposal includes an amendment to the general plan land use designation for a portion of the site, approximately 2.29-acres, to increase the density from Residential Detached Medium (7-units/acre) to Residential Attached Medium to allow for a Senior Living Facility. Additionally, the project includes a Preliminary Planned Development application that proposes a variety of unit types ranging from single-family detached units to multi-family attached units on a variety of lot sizes. 

Required Project Approvals

  1.  General Plan Amendment 
  2.  Zoning Amendment for a Planned Development Combining District
  3.  Vesting Tentative Map 
  4. Design Permit
  5. Issuance of Demolition, Grading, Building, and Occupancy Permits
  6. Tree Removal Permits


Northeast quadrant of Hill Road and Barrett Avenue (APN: 817-20-031).


The Preliminary Planned Development with General Plan Amendment proposal was presented at the September 8, 2020, Planning Commission meeting. See more information below under the PRELIMINARY applications listed.  Although not required, the applicant requested the proposal move forward to receive preliminary input from City Council prior to final entitlement submittals. The item was agendized for the February 3, 2021, City Council meeting. The presentation, staff report, and attachments can be found here. Due to a citywide internet outage, the February 3, 2021, meeting was canceled, and all items were pushed to future City Council meetings.  

A Planned Development and General Plan Amendment requires both a recommendation from the Planning Commission and approval by the City Council. It is important to note that under state law, the applicant has a right to build a project that is consistent with the base zoning and General Plan designation of the property - which is approximately 7 units to the acre.  If the applicant moved forward on this project without the Planned Development and General Plan amendment, only a subdivision map, design permit, and environmental review would be required. In that case, the approval authority would be the Planning Commission.

Environmental Review 

The applications require an initial study and an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared. The City has finalized the description for the preparation of the environmental document and prepared a Notice of Preparation for the EIR. For more information regarding the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) please click here.

The next steps for environmental review are as follows: 

  1. Preparation of the EIR 
  2. A Draft EIR will be circulated for public review and comment
  3. A public comment hearing on the EIR will be held with staff


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General Plan Amendment Maps

First Submittal 

Planned Development Project Plans and Specifications 

Subdivision Map 


To view information on the withdrawn Preliminary Plan Review application (SR2020-0006) please click here.