Manzanita Park

The project proposal, Manzanita Park (also referred to as Monterey - Lucky-Shing), is a market rate residential development project. The project would be comprised of 67 condominium units. The new development would include the integration of open space and amenities, a pedestrian network of paseos, sidewalks and trails. The project would require approval of a Tentative Map (SD2020-0007), Design Review Permit (SR2020-0017), and Environmental Review (EA2020-0014).


The project site is approximately 5.8 acres. The site is bounded by Monterey Road and Tilton Avenue. The land use of the site is Mixed Use Flex (7-24 du/ac) and the zoning is Mixed Use Flex (MU-F).


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Project Plans and Specifications

Environmental Review

An environmental analysis will be conducted during the entitlement processing of the project.